“Who’s your blog crush?”


Talk To Me Tuesday over @ Tip Junkie.. subject today: “Who’s your blog crush?”

I have several blogs I absolutely have to read or check on every day written by friends and acquaintances. But there is one blog that I absolutely LOVE to read, even when I didn’t have the internet and I went to the library, this gal rocks. Her name is Kelli, her blog is http://www.africankelli.com/   This sweet gal totally takes the cake. She is a very compassionate, loving, giving, honest, hard working, friendly, crafty… my list could go on and on, she’s seriously great. I love reading Kelli’s blog because her posts are so well written, unlike mine. I always have run-on sentences and I’m sure I don’t always make a lot of sense, lol. But Kelli writes it just so.. she writes so you want to come back again and again and see what she’s been up to.  She’s on my “celebs I’d like to meet list” because she is such a ray of sunshine I know I’d love her in an instant.  So if you ever get a minute, stop by her blog and leave a comment. She is SO great to always comment back to you when you leave one for her, I think she’s darn near perfect.



Hallelujah.. We have a house. It isn’t big, but it’s 4 bedroom 2.5 baths and it’s all ours. It turns out we’ll be buying it. It is about 1750sqft, so not big, but it has lots of potential for us to add on later. It sits on 2 acres and the yard hasn’t been taken care of well, but it, too, has lots of potential. I’ll even be able to have a garden next year, yeah!  We should be able to move out next weekend like we had originally planned.

Book fair.. nightmare!  Our elementary has the biggest revenue for our “scholastic district”, we sell a lot of books, and the kids love it. This year it has been a nightmare because the lady who usually does it quit. They wanted me to spearhead it but I said no, which I think I posted about already. Anyhow getting volunteers to help set up has been a complete and utter pain in the butt. I’ve done the calling for 1.5 years now and this was the last time. I’m tired of putting forth all this effort when nobody else wants to do the same. The book fair starts next week and there is still one day that needs help and quite frankly, I don’t care. I’m done, I won’t do it again. Grrr!  Well I’m off to the school now to hang up the volunteer list I do have and then I’m coming home. Have a great weekend!

Life isn’t fun sometimes..


Well as it turns out we won’t be moving to Mink Creek, or at least the house we had planned on anyway.  A rotten turn of events, the guy renting the place is doing something different and is not going to rent to us. So we’ve been stressing over where we are going to go, what we’re going to do. I’m rather tired of it, lol.  I’m sad too because MC is the best place to live ever!

So anyhow, I’ve not been writing as much this month as I usually do. I’ve been super depressed with life in general and how my life is going. Kurt & I have been at each other’s throat’s too so that doesn’t help, lol. We’ll be fine, we don’t fight often so that is nice.  I just want life to return to normal ASAP!

Work is going good, I really like working half days. I still have time to come home and clean up the house or run my errands without 5 children in tow. I make a few dollars and at least get out of the house to see my best friend who works at the school too. Of course we don’t work in the same classroom, darn it, but it’s still nice to have her there with me.  Have a great day.. I’m off to do nothing.

What inspired me to start blogging?


This post was inspired by Tip Junkie  http://tipjunkie.blogspot.com/  Talk To Me Tuesday.

I had started hearing people talk about blogging. I wasn’t sure what it was at first and then I started finding people linking to their blogs. One I first started reading was by Dooce.  Anyhow, I really thought it would be a great way for me to have a place I could easily put my feelings on, what my kids accomplished, etc. It was an easier way for me to journal, faster than writing it all out on paper.  I started in February 2006, and I started over on blogspot.  I moved to wordpress when some of my other friends did.  I’m really glad I did, there are so many things I’ve written about that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I love how easy it is to jump on the computer and write an entry.